What VerticalMail is all about...

VerticalMail is a unique eSolutions company that strives to provide a significantly higher class of service to its clients to set it apart from the competition. 

The team at Vertical Mail cares about one thing...creating and delivering easy-to-use, affordable email marketing solutions that offer enterprise quality functionality as an online service.

Marketers today are faced with a huge problem: delivering email campaigns. Many products on the market today are engineered to price themselves out of many markets and require lengthy implementations. These products are often times over-engineered from a usage perspective and can be difficult to maneuver.

After decades of frustration with campaign delivery, a team of direct marketing experts with experience delivering millions of email marketing campaigns founded Vertical Mail. Today, thousands of businesses depend on Vertical Mail to manage their email marketing. Customers range from Brookstone, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and ACT! Software to non-profits and small businesses.

Now, it's easy for businesses to take advantage of an intelligent email marketing solution. Advertising agencies and CRM companies can seamlessly implement Vertical Mail into their websites and products, taking full advantage of Vertical Mail's features and functionality, without having to develop a complicated mail system.

Whether you are in a small company, an experienced marketer looking for more control over your marketing activities, or you'd like to integrate an email marketing solution into your website or product, Vertical Mail is the solution for you.

All men are created equal, but not all lists.  

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