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>> Now Vertical Mail Can Offer Your Organization A State Of The Art Browser Based Solution For Sending Opt-in eMail WITH the Ability To Add A 30 Second Audio Message To Your Campaign! 

For marketers, eCRM vendors, eMarketing systems, and e-Learning companies:


The 300 Million Hotmail and Yahoo Mail users can't see or hear FLASH or other streaming video/audio. Vertical Mail penetrates them all and makes sure they hear your audio message the moment they open your email. Rich-media plays-back automatically and instantly for 90% of all recipients (vs. 50% for competing systems)

If you wants an easy, cost effective, and instant way to increase response rates by 40% for your e-mail campaigns, then Vertical Mail is the solution for you.  If you've tried the other rich media solutions and have found them expensive, time consuming, and too limited in reach, then Vertical Mail is the solution for you.

Vertical Mail v3.0 is a fully hosted, fault tolerant, high performance system licensed by marketers, eCRM vendors and publishers to create more compelling and effective e-mail campaigns with the power of sound.

Sending over 62 Million audio messages a month, Vertical Mail is the industry's largest rich media e-mail provider for publishers and marketers. Vertical Mail is the preferred solution by the top agencies, marketers, eCRM vendors, publishers and e-learning companies, offering:

  • Completely instant, self service system - allowing the ability to create and execute multiple audio messages for different campaigns in a matter of minutes.
  • Large-scale, dial-tone reliability platform
  • Audio has been shown to be at least or more effective of medium than video - especially over e-mail
  • E-mail readers are transformed into LISTENERS
  • Maximum reach with Vertical Mail's patented "Smart Delivery Technology" - finally reach web-mail and corporate mail users with auto-play audio.

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Create more compelling website user experiences.  You can place audio commentary instantly anywhere on your web page, enable users to post audio messages to message boards, and add audio messages to e-cards and web-mail. Integration is a snap, thanks to our easy to use integration kit, you can be up and running in a matter of hours.

See Vertical Mail Audio Web Enablement in Action at:

  • Connection Channel where you can buy personalized teddy bears with your voice recording.
  • Zoolander where you can mix audio sound bites and send to your friends (in cooperation with CreateSound)
  • On the Line where you can send N'SYNC audio sound bites to one another

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